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The Self-Discipline Formula

"True behaviour change is identity change." - James Clear

I truly believe that self-discipline is the vehicle to personal freedom.  Every action you begin to take becomes a vote for the person you wish to become.

This coaching is a good fit if:

  • your desire to pursue your goal outweighs what it is currently costing you
  • you may have strong self-discipline in other areas of your life, but you haven't yet been successful in this one area
  • you're ready to be intentional in this area of your life

Here's what you'll get out of the coaching program:

  • increase your confidence
  • no more beating yourself up  
  • learn how to take consistent action 
  • build your follow-through muscle
  • change the way you see yourself

Benefits of the program:

- 6 individualized coaching calls 

- a step-by-step system that allows you to approach and achieve your goal

- 6 months access to the online program with videos and accompanying worksheets 


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